Washer for rail bogie

In 2021, to the wide range of products offered by Sultof, designed for washing rail vehicles, there was added washing station for bogie of trains, trams and subway, as well as small elements placed on service carts.

Washing system consists of a selfpropelled gantry equipped with rotators with high pressure jets washing the bogie and a underchassis washing oscillation module.

In addition, both on the portal and on the chassis washing module there are nozzles that apply a special chemical agent.

The device is fully made of stainless steel.

The device is controlled by plc controller. The operator panel with a large color touch screen can be use for comunication and programing. It is possible to configure washing programs depending on the type of bogi, degree of dirty etc.

Clean or circulated, heated or cold water can be used for washing process.

Washing process takes place in a special cabin. The bogies are rolled in manually or by
means of a hoist.

Near the cabin there are technical facilities with pumps, filters, tanks and other accompanying equipment.

The parameters of the bogie washer can be adapted to individual customer requirements or needs.

This applies in particular to: types of nozzles, pressure and pump capacity, avoiding sensitive zones during washing, etc.