The Jan Raczyński Media Prize

The Programme Council of the 14th TRAKO International Railway Fair invites you to participate in a new competition to win the Jan Raczyński Media Prize.

The competition is dedicated to the rail industry trade media. Its aim is to promote reliable knowledge about rail industry activities, in the media and the news.

We will select the winners of the first edition through a poll, based on the survey forms submitted by you. The experience of this year’s competition, along with the tips and suggestions received from you, will support our work on creating fully professional regulations for subsequent editions. We hope that the industry poll will be the best way to select the winners, with its results bringing recognition to individuals and organisations who contribute to the growth and promotion of rail transport.

Contact: Mrs. Iwona Wolszczak: e-mail:; tel. +48 58 554 93 00; +48 695 333 070