LUMINATOR - Changing the Passenger Experience

Combining or enhancing existing technology infrastructure in an intelligent manner we maximize added value for the end customer while optimizing the total cost of ownership.

Luminator is recognized as a reliable technical partner with a deep knowledge of Passenger Announcements (PA), Passenger Information Systems (PIS), mobile surveillance and 3rd party system integration.
Luminator solutions for trains have proven themselves time and again. They meet the most stringent standards and regulations for reliability and fire safety. And on top of that, they satisfy the highest requirements for continuous operation and durability. No matter where in the world your trains are traveling, our rail solutions guarantee functionality, sustainability and safety.

Beneath mRAIL as the overall solution Luminator is providing RailKom as the fitting PAPIS platform and a comprehensive central toolset and a powerful frontend solution, called mSET, for the wayside server in order to allow convenient configuration and update of all PIS systems as well as for the camera surveillance system.

With the RailKom Platform Luminator provides a comprehensive offer to fulfil all needs for modern communication, information and entertainment within LRVs, HRVs up to high-speed trains.
The modular design supports PIS audio systems with UIC analog voice fallback mode (UIC-568 & VoIP/ETH) as well as display systems with all the necessary infrastructure to entertain and inform your passengers conveniently.
RailKom offers state-of-the-art central intelligence for service organization and local intelligence for service execution giving enough room for customization options.

General sales and service representative for Poland:

El-Cab Sp. z o.o.
Product Manager–Piotr Burał
Tel. +48 510 075 599