Railroad & Light Rail Vehicles

Our extensive application experience and industry specific knowledge allow us to develop and manufacture high-performance products for primary suspensions in bogies as well as for secondary suspensions such as air spring systems. Modern FEA calculation programs are used to determine and indeed optimize the geometry and profiles of components to ensure fatigue life whilst minimizing cost and weight.

Special calculation modules and methods confirm the suitability of our products; service life analyses and multi-axial dynamic tests verify their reliability. RAMS/LCC objectives are embedded in our development process.

Complex customer needs demand an intelligent approach when selecting and designing our components. Once installed, continued technical support is offered for the life of our products in order to guarantee optimal performance in the application.

Our product range includes:
air spring systems, conical springs, chevron springs, layer springs, bushings, spherical bearings, deflection rods and torque multipliers. Recent innovations include the upgraded hydraulic axle bearing, HYDRALL®, and our mountable elastomer wheelset axle protector, MERP, which is used to prevent mechanical and material damage resulting from ice buildup and impacts with track debris and collision objects.

Moreover, we are supplying wheel set manufacturers and train operators with rubber bodies and rubber suspended wheels. For the interior of the vehicles, we offer decoupling elements as well as tear-off protection for floors and side walls.

Based on the solutions for multiple customer-specific needs and the active support in different projects, GMT helps to maintain the performance and efficiency of train manufacturers and operators.

Whether you require a new component for a large fleet or whether you are looking for spare parts for your local tram - our experience and our large range of products form the basis for an individual solution to each application.