Alstom TRAXX DC3

The Traxx DC3 locomotive with Last Mile feature belongs to the new generation of the Traxx locomotives, the most modern platform of four-axle locomotives in Europe. It covers all mainline applications under 3 kV DC catenaries.

Optionally equipped with the Last Mile function, the Traxx DC3 locomotive bridges non-electrified areas like railway sidings and terminals, which means that it makes new logistic concepts possible. As a result of its improved tractive effort and its sophisticated adhesion control, it allows higher train loads than comparable locomotives. With the highest traction chain efficiency and intelligent energy management, the new generation of Traxx locomotives are consistently designed to reduce energy consumption. Extended maintenance intervals reduce maintenance cost, as well as operational interruptions and condition-based maintenance. By supervising more than 200 specific signals per locomotive, it enables parts replacement in due time. These design characteristics combined with skilled engineering presence and expansive experience in locomotives, guarantees smooth entry into service, maximum product support and highest availability.

Traxx locomotives are the most wide-spread ones in Europe, authorised in 20 countries and covering over 300 million km of track each year. Proven in a multitude of different applications, they meet the high expectations of operators in terms of reliability, availability, and maintainability, as well as low operating costs.