Alstom Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

Alstom today is a market leader for innovative digital mobility. To address traffic congestion, environmental concerns and urbanization in the coming decades around the world, Alstom has excelled in bringing necessary systems and products to its customers connecting robust products like trains, metros and infrastructure with the digital means for tomorrows increased passenger volume.

Autonomous trains are fundamental for the much-needed transport transformation; it will change how people and goods move, contribute to people’s well-being and a climate neutral continent. This is Alstom’s commitment to the European Green Deal and contribution to the European Sustainable and Smart mobility strategy. Alstom’s trains will be autonomous by 2023 and they will change the playing field for mobility - making rail operations even more competitive.

During TRAKO 2021, 14th International Railway Fair, Alstom will present a simulator, with the purpose to demonstrate the features of ATO, measuring the performances (stopping accuracy, adherence to timetable, efficient use of energy) and train the drivers.

Rail Automation is commonplace in closed railway systems of for example Metros, Automatic People Movers (APM) and Monorail since decades. In mainline rail operations, automated driving has existed for years and is now being recognized as a way to create more reliable, affordable and fluent network.

With more than 70 driverless metro references and test beds on mainline already running, Alstom is well positioned to answer to tomorrow’s autonomous mobility challenges.