SAXONY! - A Business Location at its Best

There are many good reasons why the region in the heart of Europe is a top location for globally active companies as Alstom, Volkswagen, BMW, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, DHL, and NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT.

Vibrant industrial branches form the backbone of the business location Saxony. The traditional heart of Saxony’s economy is found in the Chemnitz-Zwickau region. Whether it be mechanical engineering or more than 100 years of "Autoland Saxony", strong and highly efficient industries have evolved from smart ideas and intelligent solutions. And the heart of "Silicon Saxony" – Europe’s largest cluster for the microelectronics / ICT sector – beats in Dresden.

With 13,000 employees in 240 companies, that generate annual revenues of around one billion Euro, the railway industry in Saxony is among the TOP 3-industries in Germany. Two dozen scientific institutions as well as companies in vehicle engineering, assembly and maintenance, construction of transport routes and railway tracks or manufacturing of concrete components for platform edges – Saxony represents the entire value-added chain of the railway industry and contributes with around 20 percent a significant share of revenue to the German railway industry.

The importance of Saxony is emphasized by the "Deutsche Zentrum für Schienenverkehrsforschung" as a technological and scientific research facility, that has been established in Dresden in 2019. With funding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Saxony, the new research unit "Smart Rail Connectivity Campus", that is specialised on autonomous driving on standard gauge railway tracks, has been established in Annaberg-Buchholz. A new testing center for rail vehicles in Niesky (Lusatia) is in planning.

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The front nose, the roof of the driver’s cabin as well as the aprons of the Deutsche Bahn corporation’s high-speed train ICE 4 are all manufactured at the RCS GmbH Rail Components and Systems in Königsbrück. © Siemens / RCS GmbH