Summaries of program events

Urząd Transportu Kolejowego
During the first day of the Fair there was a ceremony held, where the cooperation agreement between the President of UTK and the European Agency for Railways was signed. The agreement describes the division of tasks between the entities in the framework of the 4th Railway Package. The meeting was attended by ca. 50 guests.
On Wednesday, 25 of September, the debate on the state of railway safety was held. The topics discussed during the debate were: safety on the road-railway crossings, new safety measures and actions that should lead to the decrease of the number of accidents. There around 150 attendants of the debate. Before the debate there was a seminar held, where the state of the railway safety in 2018 and the first half of 2019 was presented. On that day the premiere of the film on the safe passage through railway crossings took place, with the intention to show it to the prospective drivers during their driving courses at road traffic centres.
On 26 September the workshops on the authorisation for placing in use in the framework of the 4th Railway Package took place. During the training matters of technical (changes in a railway vehicle already authorised for use), organisational (OSS complex service mechanism) as well as legal (overview of decision documentation and appeal procedure) nature were presented. The workshop were attended by ca. 150 participants.
On the last day of the Fair (the Carrier and Education Day), on 27 September, the Passenger Rights’ Ombudsman was present, answering questions with regard to the passenger rights and the procedure on the out-of-court dispute settlement with railway carriers. That day also marked the final of the “Trako for Kids” contest, where a lesson was organised in the framework of the Campaign Railway ABC. More than 60 children took part in this meeting.

Material provided by the organizers of TRAKO 2019 program events.