Measure up to the uniform – railway unform show

Stationmaster, train driver and conductor – do you know how to distinguish them from each other by only looking at their uniform? Would you recognise that somebody is working as any of the aformentioned jobs by looking at their uniform? If your answer to either of questions was no then you should join us during the Uniform Fashion show.

„Measure up to the uniform” – is a new event which will be organized as a part of the TRAKO Education and Career Day. Its gowal is to present the wide variety of uniforms which can be found in the train industry. Real-life employees will be serving as models. This is a great plus as after the show they will be ready to answer questions as uniform is not only a secyfic set of clothes but it i salso a symbol of duties connected with it. Among the companies which unifroms will be represented you can find: PKP Intercity, POLREGIO and SKM Trójmiasto, Koleje Mazowieckie.