DORACO Infrastruktura & Rosehill Rail – stand C02

Rosehill Rail is a leading manufacturer of innovative engineered rubber rail crossing systems. Approved by rail authorities across the world, our systems have set new standards across a wide variety of rail crossings, including on all types of roads, agricultural and pedestrian crossings, and for road/rail access points. Together with our partner, DORACO Infrastruktura, we’ll be showcasing our latest rubber rail crossing system innovation, the LINK Crossing System. The system has been specifically designed to be quick and simple to install in order to minimise disruption and reduce costs, without the need for special tools. Alongside our range of crossing systems we’ll be displaying the latest version of our Anti-Trespass panels, a proven physical and visual deterrent to trespassers attempting to access the track or prohibited areas. Utilised by rail authorities and operators worldwide, Rosehill Rail’s Anti-Trespass panels have been an integral part of the global rail industry’s approach to reducing risk for many years. The new conical design ensures the same all-round performance to deter trespassing but delivers even greater strength and durability, extending the products’ lifetime. Join us on Stand C02 where you’ll be able to learn more about our product range and see how quickly and easily they can be installed and removed for maintenance compared to other systems.