The balise mounting system manufactured by KOLSTER S.A. enables the installation of balises of any manufacturer in accordance with the current requirements of the ETCS system at the level of the Europe, i.e. FFFIS for Eurobalise, Subset 036, Dimensioning and Engineering rules, Subset 040. Meeting the above criteria allows the mounting system guaranteeing the safety of transmission between track and rolling stock in accordance with expectations specified in both pan-European and national regulations (i.a. DBS LH Balisenhalterungssysteme). Due to the different arrangement of the mounting holes in the balise enclosures, a solution has been developed that allows both - two and four screws to be used, so that the user will have one type of fixing to all balise available on the market.

Advantages of balise fastening type MBK-1 manufactured by KOLSTER S.A:
• one, universal fastening for different rail types (60, 54, 49, R65) • one, universal fastening for different rail fastenings (SB, SKL, other) • balise installation without drilling any holes, without interference in sleepers and rails fastening • possibility of sleeper/turnout maintenance works without balise fastening interference • automatic rails position compensation during rolling stock operation • resistance for long time rails creep during operation and environmental conditions (long time UV radiation included) • electrical insulation between rails and between balise and rails • damping rail vibration transferred for the balise • positive ice shot tests on DLR-Institute in Stuttgart • fulfils requirements defined in FFFIS for Eurobalise ERTMS/ETCS- Class 1 from 17.12.2015 approved by: ALSTOM, ANSALDO, AZD, CAF, BOMBARDIER, SIEMENS, THALES