Sécheron offers a broad range of solutions for AC, DC and multi-system rail vehicles, ensuring the highest safety, protection and reliability. Our DC high speed circuit-breakers type UR and contactors type BMS are well known by car builders and vehicle operators worldwide. Sécheron actively supports the development and innovation of the Polish transportation industries through the delivery of our equipment to the main Polish car builders (STADLER, PESA, NEWAG, SOLARIS) and propulsion producers (MEDCOM, ENIKA). Our new UR40.64S DC circuit-breaker is certified by the Polish Notification Body and approved by PKP for the operation in 3 kVDC traction substation. Polish DC breaker panels’ manufacturers (TRAKCJA, ELEKTROBUDOWA, JM TRONIK) already rely on our DC circuit-breaker to protect city transport networks in Warsaw (METRO WARSZAWSKIE, TRAMWAJE WARSZAWSKIE, WKD), Łódź, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Kraków, Wrocław, Lubin, Częstochowa, and many others. After 4 years of field-test operation on different European networks, our SPL pantograph for Tramways and Light Rail Vehicles has demonstrated its high quality and reliability, and is now released on the world market. Sécheron is also a major player for AC medium voltage solutions and can strongly support Polish car builders for the design of AC rail vehicles for the export market. To complete our products & solutions portfolio for AC components, we have recently released to the market the AC voltage sensor type TMS that can be delivered together with the energy meter type REM102 from Sécheron Hasler Group. For more information on our products and solutions, visit our website: Visit us at TRAKO, Stand 47, Hall G.