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DARPOL - We invite you to our stand D25. We will present a wide range of new components and elements of interiors for emu, dmu, passenger coaches and locomotives (new types of coupler covers, locks, spot lights, dust bins etc. ). www.darpolpoland.com

Anitvibration mat
The brand new product in our offer: anitvibration mat covered with protection layer on both sides. The protection surface can be made of any weight and thickness. Standard 120 g/m2 layer has been tested for breakage resistance.
Epufloor Sp. z o.o. hala E, stoisko nr 03

Sleepers under concrete pads
Epufloor is launching a new product: sleepers under concrete pads. Material is placed on the underside of pads, which protects the crushed stone against fast excessive crushing as well as extends the life of both crushed stone and the entire track.
Epufloor Sp. z o.o. hala E, stoisko nr 03

As an official partner of BELDEN, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation companies, we will present product solutions in the field of automation, control and communication, meeting international standards used in the railway industry such as EN 50121-4, EN 50155, EN45545-2 or IEC61375.
The newest Hirschmann network devices used in rolling stock:
• BAT450-F LTE - Industrial Wireless LAN Access Point
• OCTOPUS OS40 - Full Gigabit IP67 Ethernet Switch
PF Electronic Sp. z o.o. Hall G, Stand 54

We would like to invite you to stand D19, we will introduce you to the novelty of the company E Ink
- Electronic paper - cut
- Electronic paper - colored
The newest Leo Rail Platform module - Pantograph Monitoring.
The system’s operation is based on artificial intelligence. Two modules are available in the system:
- Detection of electric arc discharges between pantograph structure and overhead lines
- Tracking of overhead lines and alerting the zigzag movement outside limits

EQUINOX the New Premium Class Seat
Premiere of the new railway seat, EQUINOX model is a response to the constantly growing requirements and expectations of the global railway market. The new seat meets the highest innovation and functional standards with the target application for a premium segment carriages.

ENTE sp. z o.o.
ENTE Sp. o.o. has been producing and manufacturing solutions and systems for railways for over 16 years. The wide interest of company’s solutions results from its high technological standards and the uniqueness of products in the country and the world. The company’s flagship product is the dynamic passenger information system AWIA SDIP®, which was awarded Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” in June 2019.

The CargoRail is new era in railways industries, from business process agility, which lets our clients implement business process changes at peace they want to integral data model – no need refill forms in each step (loading / unloading cargo, waybills or declarations preparation, movements of wagons, and tax calculation).

Sécheron offers a broad range of solutions for AC, DC and multi-system rail vehicles, ensuring the highest safety, protection and reliability. Our DC high speed circuit-breakers type UR and contactors type BMS are well known by car builders and vehicle operators worldwide. Sécheron actively supports the development and innovation of the Polish transportation industries through the delivery of our equipment to the main Polish car builders (STADLER, PESA, NEWAG, SOLARIS) and propulsion producers (MEDCOM, ENIKA).

The balise mounting system manufactured by KOLSTER S.A. enables the installation of balises of any manufacturer in accordance with the current requirements of the ETCS system at the level of the Europe, i.e. FFFIS for Eurobalise, Subset 036, Dimensioning and Engineering rules, Subset 040.

Ladies and gentlemen!
During TRAKO 2019, we will present for the first time to our customers from the rail transport industry from Central and Eastern Europe, the most technologically advanced sensor for automatic passenger counting - IRMA 6.

The MotoTEC trolley is equipped with the laserinertial non-contact measurement system. The system measures track geometry parameters and both rail cross-section profiles, calculating the rail head wear. Corrugation measurement is performed with a contactless method using the set of sensors mounted on both sides of the trolley over both rails.

DORACO Infrastruktura & Rosehill Rail – stand C02
Rosehill Rail is a leading manufacturer of innovative engineered rubber rail crossing systems. Approved by rail authorities across the world, our systems have set new standards across a wide variety of rail crossings, including on all types of roads, agricultural and pedestrian crossings, and for road/rail access points.