The "Dr Clown" Foundation has brought smile to ill children, disabled people and seniors since 1999, helping them to forget about sadness and illness. Foundation runs the "Laughter Therapy" program in hospitals and special facilities in over 80 cities. 600 colorfully dressed volunteers reach for illusion, juggling, interactive games, relaxation techniques and full of empathy conversations in their work. Every year they bring help to 60,000 people. The motto of the "Dr Clown" Foundation is: smile heals!

Competition regulations (pdf)
Appendix 1 information sheet (pdf)
Appendix 2a Statement: Parents of Participants under 16 (pdf)
Appendix 2b Statement: Participant over 16 (pdf)
Appendix 3a Consent form: Parents (legal guardians) of a child under 16 (pdf)
Appendix 3b Consent form: Participant over 16 (pdf)