Debate: Cooperation of assessment bodies with the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) in the light of changes to European law.

The 4th Railway Package adopted in 2016 by the European Parliament changed and systematised the relationships between the entities involved in the assessment processes and formal and legal activities in railway transport. This is why we have decided to present to you a comprehensive picture of actions by all kinds of entities and bodies, along with their relationships and responsibilities in providing information.

Draft Agenda (14:00-16:00)*

Notifying bodies (NoBo) and conformity assessment bodies (CAB) in the light of the new interoperability directive, and risk assessment bodies (RAsBo) in the light of the new railway safety directive: requirements for the bodies, their operation, duties in terms of cooperation and information exchange (IK Railway Research Institute, Poland)

The tasks of national bodies: the UTK Office of Rail Transport, the PKBWK National Railway Accident Investigation Committee and the PCA Polish Accreditation Centre as compliance assessment bodies (CAB) and risk assessment bodies (RAsBo) (UTK, Poland)

Cooperation between compliance assessment bodies, risk assessment bodies and national authorities with the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)

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