IMWG Conference

We invite you to take part in a free conference:
"Prospects of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in railway transport"
organized by
Institute of International Economic Cooperation,
Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce,
State Research Center of Railway Transport of Ukraine DNDC UZ and European Transport Cluster,
which will take part on 24 September during International trade fair in Gdansk.

Plan of the Conference: (pdf download)
  1. Registration of participants
  2. The official opening of the conference
  3. Welcoming the participants by the representative of the central government Ukrzaliznycy, representative of the Ministry of Economy
  4. Inauguration of the Transport Committee of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce - chairmen of the Committee: Maksym Burbak (from the Ukrainian side) and Boguslaw Kowalski (from the Polish side)
  5. Essay: Technical Policy of Ukraine in turn, cooperation with investors by the Director Rostyslav Domin - The Director of technical policy Ukrzaliznycy
  6. Essay: Conditions for the admission of products to the rail transport market of Ukraine-Tetiana Trypolska the director of the Technical Audit Centre Ukrzaliznycy (DNDC UZ)
  7. Offer of Polish railway industry for the Ukrainian market – by the representative of firms
  8. Offer of Ukrainian railway industry for the Polish market UE – by the representative of firms

The beginning of the conference at 12:00 in the hall 1B Exhibition and Congress AMBEREXPO on Zaglowej, 11 st (ul. Żaglowej) in Gdansk. The planned end time at 15:00.

For information about holding an event at Justyna Poniatowska call tel. 48 504 476 582 або e-mail: